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How to create a blog? How to design a blog? How to earn from my blog? How to generate traffic for my blog? How to create a professional blog? How to do SEO optimization?

These are some major questions newbie bloggers are trying to search online when they are planning to create their own blog. Oftentimes, newbies quit before they start blogging because they are overwhelmed of the tasks at hand.

With technology, excellent online blogging courses are just at your fingertips. You can tap them anytime as long as you can afford the expensive offers. At Hostwifi, we are not the best, but we provide the most affordable alternative with a comparable result. Yes, we offer a complete blogging course from start to finish. If you are a newbie and wandering from site to site, channel to channel and page to page just to look for information, we invite you to try our services for a complete blogging solution to kickstart your blogging career. Avail our Online Blogging Courses and start blogging in minutes.

What we offer:

  1. We guide you how to craft your beautiful and easy to remember domain name aligned to your nich and blogging objectives.
  2. We register your domain and manage it for you so you will not have to do the techy jobs and lessen your troubles.
  3. We provide you customized hosting services according to your needs so you don’t have to pay resources you are not using.
  4. We walk you through all the aspects of developing your blog or we can setup everything for you so you will not have to worry about the troubles of entangling yourself with programming codes.
  5. We teach you the secrets on how to gain massive traffic to catapult your blog up the search engine.
  6. We unveil the secrets of earning from your blog the moment you launch your blog.
  7. We support you in all steps of the way and we catch your back in times of technical malfunction, malware infection and backups.

So, if you are ready, contact us now and start blogging today! We offer 3 ultimate packages for you to start your blogging journey. Email us at for your inquiries.