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Learn Computer

Deciding learning contents in computer is vital in creating a learning path. In this article. we will be looking into the detailed learning competencies that prestigious institutions follow in their computer learning. Here are topics that you can start learning.

Section 1 Theory of Computer Science
1.1 Data representation
1.1.1 Binary systems
• Use of binary numbers in computer systems
• Converting positive denary integers into binary and positive binary integers into denary (a maximum of 16 bits)
• The concept of a byte and how the byte is used to measure memory size
• use binary in computer registers for a given application (such as in robotics, digital instruments and counting
1.1.2 Hexadecimal
• representing positive numbers in hexadecimal notation
• Reasons for choosing hexadecimal notation to represent numbers
• Converting positive hexadecimal integers to and from denary (maximum of four hexadecimal digits)
• converting positive hexadecimal integers to and from binary (maximum of 16 bit binary numbers)
• represent numbers stored in registers and main memory as hexadecimal
• identifying current uses of hexadecimal numbers in computing, such as defining colours in Hypertext Markup
Language (HTML), Media Access Control (MAC) addresses, assembly languages and machine code,