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Domain Management

Domain Management

At Hostwifi, we provide domain management services. Domains are the identifier of blogs and websites. It could be compared to a phone number that a caller dials in order to reach a person destination. For websites, these numbers called IP address points to the site container where the files are stored on the web. But since numbers are somewhat more difficult to memorize, they are associated with words that could easily be remembered. If this name is entered on the url, it points to the IP address and if the server is active, it displays the files on the screen of the PC or gadget of the user. Sounds techy? Well, if you are a newby, worry no more because we manage your domain for you. You domain name is registered under your name through our technical services.

We provide top level domnains like .com, .net, .blog, .info and a whole lot more. At hostwifi, we handle everything from registration to blog setup so that you will not have to worry about the techy side of your blog. You can focus on your craft which is content creation. Every blog we manage is packaged with a customized domain as chosen by the blogger. We also guide our clients on how to coin a catchy and meaningful domain name that would reflect their niche.


So if you are aiming to create a blog or website, give us a call or drop us a message and we will be happy to serve you. If you decide to avail our services, your domain will be packaged as a whole with your hosting space and tutorial services. You can save a lot if you avail our services and you can be sure that you will have the right mentor who will guide you in your blogging journey so that you can be a successful blogger.  

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