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Managed Site

Busy business owners do their craft which is to create more businesses. They can’t spare their time in some other works especially when its techy. Hostwifi offers managed site and hosting services in a very affordable price. What do you get with this service? First, we register and maintain your domain. We will setup your…
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Hosting Services

Websites are basically files stored in a computer at a particular location or several locations on the web. Just as buildings and houses have a street address, webpages also have unique addresses to help people locate them. On the Internet, these addresses are called URLs or Uniform Resource Locators. Hosting (also known as Web site…
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Pro Bloggers Package

Getting ready for PRO blogging? Get a PRO Bloggers package and start blogging like a pro. In this package, we offer a PRO Blog setup with professional top level domain and exclusive hosting service. PAY $199 NOW Note: After paying, please contact us for the setup of your website.

Earn Online through Hostwifi Affiliate Program

Have you been looking for ways to earn online? Here is your chance to create an online business with no upront capital. Hostwifi welcomes affiliate partners to promote our product. Message us for more details.

Newbie Package

Check out our startup package: DOMAIN + HOSTING SERVICES + UNLIMITED BLOGGING TUTORIAL. This package is intended for newbie bloggers who are starting from the basics and want to experience blogging in a real CMS site. The site is hosted in a shared hosting environment and resources are allocated with the sites in the host.…
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Domain Management

At Hostwifi, we provide domain management services. Domains are the identifier of blogs and websites. It could be compared to a phone number that a caller dials in order to reach a person destination. For websites, these numbers called IP address points to the site container where the files are stored on the web. But…
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