How to remove the autorun.exe virus in your thumb / flash drive or memory stick?

The autorun virus infects memory sticks or USB flash drives. What it does is that it hides all folders and files and makes you think that your files are deleted. This costs someone to either format the memory stick to clean the virus but sacrifices all the files in it.

There are a lot of tutorials on the internet but it does not describe properly the correct procedure and solution. Here is a thorough discussion and step-by-step procedure to successfully clean your USB thumb drives from autorun virus.


1) Search for the program Autorun Exterminator by clicking the search button below. This program disables autorun.exe and removes it from the USB drive. After finding and updated link, download the program.

2) Extract the Autorun Exterminator on your desktop. Double click on the icon to run it. You should see the icon X on a yellow background if it is successfully downloaded. The icon will be activated.

3) Plug in the infected memory stick. What the program does is, it prevents the autorun.exe to run and removes it from your USB or memory stick. The effect is that all files will be hidden and you would think that your memory stick is empty.

4) Exit the Autorun exterminator program by double clicking the icon on the taskbar. A popup window will appear and you should exit the program.

5) Open the CMD prompt. Type CMD on the search bar on your start menu. On the sommand prompt type cd\ to go to your C drive directory.

6) Type the following command to unhide the folders hidden by the virus:

attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*

7) Navigate to your memory stick drive and check if the folders are now visible. The virus autorun.exe should have hidden all your files in ONE FOLDER. You should see all your files move in it. You can choose to cut the folders and paste outside so the files will be readily available when navigating on your memory stick.

8) Download a good virus scanner and scan your USB drive to clean and protect it.

9) Congratulations!!! You should have removed the autorun virus in your flash drive.